Executive Logistics Mozambique
Executive Logistics Mozambique

Meet the Team

Nick Raba

Executive Director

Executive Logistics - Nick Raba

Nick has spent the vast majority of his professional working career in Mozambique, arriving during the difficult civil war times of 1988. These were entrepreneurial days and Nick was one of the original founders, shareholders and Managing Director of the Kawena Mineworkers and Kangela Group of Companies operating over 44 warehouses throughout the Country and employing over 600 staff. In 2011 Nick opted to further diversify his business interests within the private sector, creating the Executive Logistics brand. Originating from Liverpool in England, Nick is a Mozambican National having gained his citizenship in 1998. His intricate knowledge, understanding and vast experience of the country coupled with his hands on approach are the key elements for continuing success.

Martin Potgieter

Operations Director

Executive Logistics - Martin Potgieter

Martin is a well accomplished professional with more than 18 years Mozambican working experience accumulated in the fields of procurement, logistical solutions and project management obtained through a number of exposures throughout his career. Martin has successfully managed to dominate and deliver on the varied challenges and obstacles that are continually presented in a trying environment and through accurate execution of strategic planning has positioned himself where he can provide cost effective, trustworthy and reliable solutions to every challenge, successfully integrating client needs with professional acumen. His proven ability to execute Greenfield projects in remote areas and commitment to leading operations from ground level ensures completion of the service chain, making him an insurmountable asset to any project and investment.

Henk Son

Business Development / GRO

Executive Logistics - Henk Son

Henk is a native of Holland, living in Mozambique since 1987. Originating from a military background having operated in the Dutch Special Forces, Henk was also the founder of one of the first security related companies active in the Private Sector in Mozambique. His extensive networking capabilities led Henk to be elected as the Vice President for the “Confederation of Business Associations” (CTA) for the period 2004 / 2009. This institution is a large economic non-governmental organization serving as a platform for dialogue between the Government and the Private Sector. During this tenure, he was able to create an even larger network within both Government and Private Sector. Henk occupied the position as President for the American / Mozambican Chamber of Commerce / AMCHAM for 10 years and remains as the Consul for the Czech Republic in Mozambique for more than 16 years. He is Chair of OSAC Mozambique (Oversees Security Advisory Council) and has also held, and still holds, several prominent Board positions.

Alex Sambo


Executive Logistics - Alex Sambo

Alex commenced his engineering studies in South Africa in 2004 and graduated as an aircraft maintenance engineer in 2013 through Denel Technical Academy (TETA). Alex boasts vast experience in the aviation industry having worked remote areas of Africa for humanitarian activities in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan and Chad, supporting companies such as MSF, UNHCR, World Vision, Save the Children and United States army for logistical purposes in the Central Republic. He returned to his native Mozambique in 2014, looking for further challenges at home and spent 2 years working as an engineer for the National Airlines LAM before joining the Executive Logistics team. Passionate with innovative ideas coupled with the hunger and desire to achieve and succeed, Alex is assisting to develop the Damen maritime service and maintenance program as well as oversee the pump system business portfolio.

Antonio Moiane

Group Financial Director

Executive Logistics - Antonio Moiane

Antonio is Executive Logistics Group Financial Director and member of the senior executive team. Graduating in Management by Faculdade de Economia at the Eduardo Mondlane University in 2011 and a licensed Accountant through the Ministry of Finance, Antonio completed his MBA in Business Management and is an integral cog of the Executive Logistics Management Team. Managing accounting and financial control functions, budget monitoring and establishing financial strategies for the profitable long-term growth of the business, Antonio also supports and assists strategies to guide the Group key business initiatives. Through periods of change and growth Antonio effective coordinating of corporate finance and management of company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity and acquisitions have been vital to the Group continuing development.

Tembo Raso

Group Chief Procurement Officer

Executive Logistics - Tembo Raso

Tembo has a breadth of experience in business and procurement practices as well as key skills such as negotiation, problem-solving, analytical thinking and a strategic mindset enabling him to support and surpass all operational requirements. Such skills give him the ability to lead the organization's procurement department and oversee the acquisitions of goods and services with sound, ethical negotiating with interpersonal and communication levels ensuring purchases meet the Group needs while helping to reduce costs.

Neusa Adolfo Miambo

Human Resources and Legal Advisor

Executive Logistics - Neusa Adolfo Miambo

Neusa is the Group Human Resources and Legal Director whose dynamic, hands on approach has been a vital factor in the development of this key department. With extensive experience in Human Resources Management and legal affairs, coupled with intricate knowledge and understanding of Governmental Institution operations, Neusa is well placed to oversee the Group development as the management of a diverse workforce expands, fulfilling the increasing need of human resource planning, recruitment, selection and training. Her understanding and belief are clear in the fact that people make and develop the strength of the company with particular emphasis on local content skills development.

Nelma de Sousa

Principal Administrative Specialist

Executive Logistics - Nelma de Sousa

With an extensive career within the Procurement and Administrative sectors since 2001, Nelma has an in-depth wealth of experience in understanding the need of providing logistical solutions for multiple disciplines. An Integral asset of the Executive Logistics Management team and Group of Companies, Nelma exemplary professional demeanor, leadership and commitment to nurturing, training and guiding new employees are the components for her continuing success and growth.

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