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Salama Fikira Group

Salama Fikira Group

Maritime Offshore & Nearshore Services

To ensure a professional and comprehensive approach for maritime offshore and nearshore services, Executive Logistics have teamed up with Salama Fikira as their preferred maritime offshore security provider who offer a comprehensive range of maritime security and anti-piracy operations to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean.

Salama Fikira have built their reputation as one of the world leading providers of professional, compliant and competitive maritime security solutions. Their teams are trained to the highest standards and operate in accordance with tested procedures and are able to minimize the risk faced to personnel, assets and reputation in the maritime domain, providing the industry with leading armed anti-piracy ship protection services to vessels and crews transiting the high-risk areas of the Indian Ocean.

In addition to being contracted to support a number of oil majors, Salama Fikira are one of only a few companies which meet the demanding requirements of the German Flag.

Energy Security Offshore

As the global demand for energy increases, exploration and production is increasingly taking place in complex locations offshore. Salama Fikira have extensive experience in providing fully integrated risk management and security solutions to offshore E&P and are proud to have successfully supported some of the most challenging offshore energy operations to have taken place anywhere to date. From this experience they have developed comprehensive, robust security plans, implemented by seasoned maritime security professionals, their approach is intelligence-led, layered, culturally sensitive and effective.

Salama Fikira Group

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