Warehousing, Materials Handling and Inventory Management

Currently, the Balama graphite mine, in the Montepuez district, in the province of Cabo Delgado, in Mozambique, is currently the largest of its kind in the global mining scenario.

Executive Logistics, as a registered service provider and local content company for the mining sector, is responsible for the critical spare parts warehouse, PPE, industrial chemicals and lubricant handling for the daily operations of the Balama mine.

Executive logistics provides professional on-site services to receive all incoming cargo for the prescribed categories, warehouse control, inventory management and issuing materials to end users and customers.

Executive Logistics also supplies and installs all off-the-shelf and lifting equipment for the safe and effective daily operations of storage and handling facilities. By adopting a flexible and professional approach to a challenging environment, we are striving to offer a solution for all challenges and increase our material handling and supply services in Cabo Delgado province and other countries at national level.