Trident Group

Trident Group Mozambique

The Trident Group provides unparalleled security, consultancy services and support to many of the world’s largest maritime government and security entities around the globe. Recognised as the US market leader in Anti-Piracy & Maritime Security Operations World-Wide, the Trident Group’s Maritime Technology and Maritime Training Divisions go above and beyond industry standards bringing current, real-world experience that can only come from conducting anti-piracy and combat operations worldwide.

Founded by U.S. Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEALs) and Senior U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Offi cers, The Trident Group was established in April 2000 to fi ll an observed gap in security consulting, training, technology development and implementation of manpower to the global maritime community. With more than two decades of industry expertise, The Trident Group provides unparalleled security services and support to government agencies and bellwether companies around the globe.