Elephant Lifting Equipment

Elephant Lifting Gear is the most respected lifting equipment supplier in all of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, with more than three decades of continuous growth, underpinned by innovation and an approach designed to increase safety.

Elephant Lifting Equipment has established itself firmly as designers and specialized suppliers of a fully integrated range of lifting and traction equipment, providing full backup, testing and certification service to meet legal requirements and best local and international practices, meeting a prestigious customer base in the extractive and metallurgical, construction, infrastructure, energy (power generation, oil and gas) industries, as well as in the EPCMA project financial strength of Elephant’s business, together with in-house engineering experience and manufacturing skills in local, allows them to load substantial stocks of products manufactured locally and internationally, in addition to designing and manufacturing special accessories and tailor-made cranes to order, thus enabling them to meet customer needs in a professional, niche and timely manner.

As lifting and pulling are dangerous tasks, classified as “safety critical”, Elephant is committed to providing equipment that meets and / or exceeds the verifiable international design, manufacturing and safety standards of the specific country legal requirements.

Executive Logistics has a wide variety of certified alloys, from flat webs, complete rounds, steel cables and chains, as well as steel cables and lifting chains – galvanized or non-galvanized – Washers and eye bolts in all shapes and sizes – please ask for a detailed catalog.

In addition, with the internal expertise in industrial and electrical engineering provided by Executive Logistics and elephant lifting equipment, special lifting systems and accessories can be designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned with full certifications for all mining-related uses.