Damen Shipyards




Executive Logistics are proudly Exclusive Representatives of Damen Shipyards in Mozambique. Damen is an international shipyard group that operate in every niche market where an opportunity exists to improve, innovate or invest. Their unique shipbuilding concept is based on what customers want – the best quality, proven designs, short delivery time, low maintenance and excellent resale value. The result is a work method with the perfect balance between standardisation and custom-built vessels with a broad range of customer services.

  • Damen offers a complete range of Offshore Support Vessels, designed according to market standards. The Damen OSV segment ranges from Fast Crew Suppliers to sophisticated state-of-the-art deep sea Anchor Handlers. Standard design-platforms may be customised in order to meet specific client demands. All Damen OSV’s are made of high quality components of renowned makes.
  • Keeping harbours safe and in good shape, Damen supply all workboats needed for the wide variety of tasks in ports and harbours. From Towage & Movements to Harbour Services including tugs, Stan Launches, Stan Pilots as well as work barges, skimmers, dredgers and high-speed craft.
  • The Damen Naval Shipbuilding range of security and patrol vessels offers unrivalled sea keeping behaviour, speed and reliability. Specialised in building naval and patrol vessels ranging from 7 metres to more than 200 metres, from Interceptors and Stan Patrols to amphibious support ships and naval auxiliaries. This is unique in the shipbuilding world.
  • Damen is specialised in the manufacturing of several types of dredgers for decades. As a Dutch company, they have an intense focus on water management and with their knowledge and experience is now one of the world’s leading dredger shipyards. Damen work method enables them to have dredgers in stock and to offer clients the best possible price – quality ratio.
  • Damen’s pontoons and barges are unique in both their design and construction. The vast range includes vessels from Multi-purpose and Submersible Pontoons to Bunker, Crane, Accommodation and Pipelay Barges. Custom-built pontoons and barges are made to order with several standard pontoons in stock across shipyards throughout the World.
  • Damen builds perfectly tailored, fuel-efficient public transport vessels. Their ultra-modern (Fast) Ferries, Water Taxis, Water Buses, RoPax and Double Ended Ferries can be seen all over the world.

In everything Damen develop, they always aim for what their customers need and wish for. That counts for their building activities as well as their services. Damen listen carefully to their customers and invest a great deal in innovation, research and development which is why they are simply able to build better boats.
Since 1969 Damen Shipyards has delivered more than 5,000 vessels with an average delivery of around 150 vessels a year and always keep more than 150 hulls in stock to ensure a short delivery time. Each year Damen also complete more than 1,000 repair jobs.


As a globally operating company this means that they are always able to build near the delivery destination, leading to significant cost savings and guaranteeing a rapid response.