Consultancy and CPNI Services

We support locally-focused programs within Mozambique as well as throughout Africa where our access to local knowledge bases can provide consultancy services focused on needs across multiple market sectors

Critical Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) creates a foundation of stability in post-conflict nations. National Infrastructure provides essential services to meet the needs of the people whilst creating a solid foundation for economic progress that can be used to improve society and living conditions. Successful CPNI strategies focus on protecting critical assets such as the supply of electricity and water, communications, health, sanitation, and agriculture to ensure the basic needs of the people are met. Moreover, CPNI also focuses on protecting a nation’s assets such as the production of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) and mining activities.

Successful CPNI strategies focus on using a sequential multi-phase approach by incorporating the following life cycle:

1. Assess Risks & Vulnerabilities by understanding strategic threats and prioritizing the consequences.
2. Identify Controls and Mitigations by ensuring existing capabilities and resources are correctly identified.
3. Implement Controls to ensure international best practices reduce risks and vulnerabilities to acceptable levels.
4. Measure Effectiveness to ensure strategies and controls are successful in protecting critical national infrastructure assets.

Executive Logistics has extensive experience of working with government departments to design and implement robust CPNI strategies in Mozambique and across the African Continent.

Consultancy and GIS Services  Consultancy and GIS Services