Consultancy and GIS Services

We support locally focused programmes within Mozambique of both the commercial and none commercial sectors and with our access to local knowledge bases can provide consultancy services focused on needs across multiple market sectors, providing highly focused consultancy services on segments of interest.

Particular areas of growth include our first stage assessment of mineral concessions through our geographical information systems (GIS) Services. We provide analysis of multispectral and multi-source imagery through tri-band and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and hyperspectral analysis for targeted interest. Our remote surveys and independent studies are followed up with field visits to truth the data, access areas and retrieve samples for further testing through independent laboratories. We are developing areas of concession management for a number of licence holders that we represent adding local content in the development and management of concessions.

We believe the key to our success is our understanding of the unique challenges that Mozambique presents and in our providing the relevant and realistic solutions to our clients.

Consultancy and GIS ServicesConsultancy and GIS Services  Consultancy and GIS Services