Soliflo International Mozambique

Soliflo International Mozambique represents and provides a comprehensive range of leading brand, highly specialised, liquid control and tanker loading products, systems and services specifically suited for global oil and gas industries offering safe, efficient and environmentally friendly liquid control, fluid and gas transfer solutions to tanker operators as well as loading equipment for road, rail and marine.

Our process engineering sectors range from the chemical, oil and gas industries through to food and pharmaceuticals. Having longstanding partnerships with a number of local and international blue chip engineering companies, Soliflo International Mozambique has provided clients with the means to meet and exceed the specific and specialised requirements of the industries and companies that they serve. It is the intention of Soliflo International Mozambique to maintain and exceed service excellence throughout the developing Mozambican industries.

Industrial Flow Systems (IFS) has been operating in the Mozambican market since 2013, serving and servicing a variety of top end clients such as Petromoc, Total, X-Storage and BP amongst others.

On the verge of globalizing our services and having direct access to the highest quality and state of the art equipment in order to better respond to the needs of the oil and gas industries, IFS has changed its name to SOLIFLO INTERNATIONAL MOZAMBIQUE.