Industrial Flow Systems Limitada (IFS)

IFS LimitadaPart of EL Group of Companies in partnership with Soliflo -Industrial Flow Systems (IFS Limitada) represents and provides a comprehensive range of leading brand, highly specialised liquid control and tanker loading products, systems and services offering safe, effi cient and environmentally friendly liquid control, fl uid and gas transfer solutions to tanker operators as well as loading equipment for road, rail and marine tankers. Soliflo Southern Africa client base, includes all the process engineering sectors ranging from the chemical, oil and gas industries through to food and pharmaceuticals. Longstanding partnerships with a number of local and international blue chip engineering companies, IFS Limitada equipment manufacturers and suppliers have provided Solifl o with the means to meet and exceed the specifi c and specialised requirements of the industries and companies that they serve. It is the intention of IFS Limitada to mirror such specifi cations and service excellence throughout the Mozambican industries.



IFS Limitada